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Over the years, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a severe procrastinator. Case in point, I meant to make this post over a week ago. Nice, huh? Growing up, I ALWAYS left my science projects and papers and semester long assignments until the absolute last moment. Like, to the point where I’d have to stay up more than half the night trying to scramble and finish. I was also the kid furiously studying at lunch and hiding my notes in unrelated textbooks  to prepare for a test that I’d known about well in advance. What I’m getting at is that I am super good at starting projects…but not so great at finishing them. I’ve been working on this little problem of mine for a while and I really think I’m growing up and getting better. Or maybe I just tell myself that….

So, here’s a look at what I’ve been working on lately and maybe this will give me the motivation to get my butt in gear and keep going! I sure hope so.

We bought our first house this summer and we really got a great deal – it’s 5 years old and has some gorgeous wood floors, and a finished basement, and a huge wrap around yard (yaye corner lot!) with a nice patio, and a 3-car garage, and just so much potential! Really, it’s in great shape and there’s not much we need to do to it but of course I have a few wants. We’ve been pretty bad at buying furniture and decorating and my excuse is that I just don’t know where to start. I got a little upset a few weeks ago that we have this big beautiful house but it’s not even close to feeling like ‘home’ yet. Adam came up with the idea that I make a list of everything I want for the house and when I want to get it done and how much I want to spend on each item/project. Genius! He was pretty proud of himself until he saw how long my list was getting. Ha! Whoops. We decided to start small and the smallest room in our house is what I call “the toilet closet” in the master bath. Here’s what it looked like on the day of our final walk through…ugh.

After a lot of taping and painting and doing touch ups, we had a cute little striped room! I love paint stripes but after this I’m not sure if any other rooms will be getting this treatment. I printed out some 8×10’s we took on our trip to Kauai last summer and found some frames at Target then spent forever trying to figure out where and how to hang them and here’s what it looks like now!

So much better! I still really want to switch out the ugly dome light fixture for something easy and inexpensive and way more fun – this is just one tiny room of our house after all…I think one of these would be so perfect!

Something I have always wanted is to have a huge vegetable and flower garden but somehow I was born without much of a green thumb. I always manage to kill my plants. Oh so disappointing. However! This past fall, while mom was visiting she helped me plant some of the bulbs I’d been stockpiling. Just yesterday I noticed that they’ve started peeking out of the dirt! This is beyond exciting and is almost giving me enough motivation to plant more. The problem is that I don’t know where to put them. We have some lovely rock-piles surrounding the house and I’d really like to clear those out and turn them into some nice little flower beds but I just don’t want to do something wrong! Good thing my garden help is coming for another visit next week…oh moooooom! I have an activity for us! Just check out these gorgeous spring bulbs I just bought! (the paperwhite ziva are the ones getting ready to to bloom – so cute!)

As I’ve mentioned, I have a grandmotherly addiction to knitting and here’s my most recent project. I have a lot more things in the works but here’s the project I’ve been most excited about and what has been occupying most of my time.

Gorgeous and snuggly blanket! Look at the pattern, so so pretty.

I just love it! It’s about…half done and I’ve been working on it since probably September. Someday I’ll finish.

Now this is just a handful of my works in progress….and I think it worked! I am itching for some knitting right now so off I go!

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