To clutch or not to clutch

I’ve always loved the look of clutches, but I’m definitely one of those people that have a hard time with them. I either misplace them, can’t fit in everything I need for the day or simply handicap myself to using only one hand. And yet, here I find myself, tackling the sewing machine again in order to make one. I figure they make a great accessory for date nights and and exciting change to my regular over-the-shoulder bag.

I got a roll of vinyl for half off in the remainders section so I had to adjust my idea to fit 11 inch parameters. A few cuts with my rotary cutter and a ruler and I had a rough two feet rectangle.

Trimmed one end for the flap. The inside of the vinyl isn’t very appealing but I wasn’t too worried, this was mostly a trial run anyways.

Folded over my rectangle, sewed the sides together and added a button and button hole.

And within about 15 minutes I had my very own handmade clutch! I think it needs a stiffer fabric, perhaps leather would hold up better. I also want to try my hand at making my own laptop case – just add a layer of padding sewn inside for cushioning.

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One thought on “To clutch or not to clutch

  1. Love the clutch! I can totally see it as a laptop sleeve too

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