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The Start of Something Big

You didn’t think I gave up on my wallpaper removal process did you? I took a little break for school and spring break but came back with a vengeance, this time to tackle the kitchen. I have big ideas for this room, but started with the basics and a new coat of paint.


Here’s a before photo of the counter next to the doorway – this built-in shelf was always covered in stuff, one of those areas that collects items that don’t really have any other home


Doorway to the dining room – wallpaper + old appliances + dirty cupboards + outdated tile…


And there were valances over all the windows, in the same pattern as the wallpaper.


Time for removal! The shelf came down with the wallpaper, and look what I found underneath! I love these random paint colors, pretty fun, right?


Bright orange doorway.


And the new paint! I chose gray – I love gray kitchens – but it was a really difficult decision. Dark, light, finding what works with the brown cabinets? I like the choice, but the blue tiles do give the walls a blue tone which I’m not too crazy about – but I’ve still got plenty of work to do!


Updated corner – we’ll be adding some art and floating shelves in the future.


And the seating area – we also painted the trim and wainscoting white – it was a faded cream color that refused to get clean but these made a huge difference. You can sneak a peak at my latest project that I’ll be posting about next – those “built-in” benches against the wall!

The changes so far: wallpaper to gray paint, trim painted white, “built in” benches, removal of the valences/window coverings and new white chairs!

So what else is on the current to-do list for the kitchen?

A few things include changing out the light fixture (I have one ready and waiting, just need to switch them out!), making a new wooden/steel pipe table, and making and hanging new shelves!

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Hallway Part 2

I told you I’d be back with another hallway wallpaper update! I tackled the front entryway this week and it turned out to be a hassle for a few different reasons.

A before picture of the front doorway with wallpaper.

Upper level of the staircase that required some innovative engineering in order to get to.

The connecting wall from the stairs. Everything in this picture terrifies me honestly – the fake plant, the mismatched random purple lamp (turns out it wasn’t even plugged in, what the heck was it doing there!?), the sad decorations… But everything was about to change.

Time to start removing wallpaper – and here’s where the first problem started. I discovered that underneath the visible wallpaper was a complete second layer of a different pattern. And look at how crazy it is! Yellow and black florals/stripes/everything you can imagine. So these walls ended up taking longer than anticipated, just because I had twice as much to tackle.

And it was everywhere!

Once all the paper was removed I did one coat of primer. If you’re wondering how I tackled the staircase, here’s the answer:

A precarious yet effective solution my dad created – a 12 foot ladder against the wall, a board placed on the third rung and spanning up to the level stair and then an 8 foot ladder standing on that. I’m actually terrified of heights and get vertigo on regular stairs – so this was a really exciting combination! Especially when you add in a paint roller.

Completed! I carried on the yellow from the other hallway – and I’m actually wishing I choose a more exciting color. That’s always my downfall when it comes to painting. I chose colors too quickly and never go with a bold enough choice. I get nervous about overwhelming the space but I think it would have been much more exciting with something that popped more.

Updated full hallway.

And the most dramatic change on the wall.  The whole space needs more decorating and thought but I just couldn’t wait to share the progress!

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Hallway Overhaul

One of the things that makes me crazy about my house is all the wallpaper – almost every wall is covered. Even the ceiling in the bathroom downstairs! I’m very lucky to have a great house to live in, even more lucky that I’m allowed to make some changes. And stripping wallpaper in favor of paint is one of the biggest  and most dramatic changes, one I actually love doing. (I had a really busy and stressful week and this actually helped me relax!)

In the past year, I’ve tackled the upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms and loved the changes, so I decided to go for the small hallway between the rooms this week.

Fun pattern, right? Even the closet doors were covered.

The stripping actually went really fast and easy – all the rooms in the house have been different. Our bedrooms were horrible, taking days to take down, but this hallway didn’t even take an hour and came away in large pieces. I washed the walls and gave it one coat of primer before the best part – paint! I chose a light yellow that I want to carry throughout the house to the other hallways and living room. A nice warm neutral, with a red accent wall sometime in the future!

With new paint I wanted some new decoration – printed out some of my favorite art pieces I had saved on my computer and displayed them all in different white frames.

Messed around with the layout on the floor until I got something I liked, and transferred it to the wall using newspaper to flesh out the look and feel.

It’s like a whole new hallway! I have to admit, I’ve been hanging out there almost obsessively lately, I love the reward of new projects! Excited to keep working on the house and see more changes. Only one problem still with that hallway, I haven’t figured out what to do with the doors – I don’t want to strip the wallpaper leaving all the glue residue and I’m hesitant to paint over them although that might be the best option. I could always buy new ones and attach new hardware but hopefully will think of another solution.

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