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Valentine’s Vacation

Ok, long time no post. And I don’t even have a good excuse…I guess work has been a little crazy – turns out people like sweets on Valentine’s Day, who knew!?

Just a little back story here – Adam’s job involves working from home, but also doing a lot of traveling. While we live in metro Denver, his territory includes all of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming (ugh, no thanks), Idaho, Montana, and most of Nevada. He’s been planning a sales trip to the northern regions for a few months. Now if I’m lucky enough to coordinate my days off from work, I get to tag along on some of his little excursions, which is what happened this week and it sure was a busy couple days. My Sunday started with a brutal 5 am alarm to get to work and ended with a 2 1/2 hour flight up to Spokane and a lovely wait in the rental car line before finding our hotel and seriously collapsing into bed. Monday meant shopping (!) while Adam took some clients out to lunch and then it was time to take a gorgeous drive through the mountains and a sister-date for dinner.

Tuesday turned out to be a little much with breakfast, coffee, lunch-ish, and dinner plans! …oh yeah, wasn’t this supposed to be a business trip?¬†We picked up a few copies of our friends’ book he just had published, I spent some fun hours with Karlie making cake pops (tutorial coming soon!) and trying out some new hairstyles (french fishtails are HARD), and then we made a giant Valentine’s Day Dinner for a bunch of family friends.

More plans for breakfast on Wednesday then we trekked up to my parents’ house to check out the renovations they’ve been working on for the past year. Before we really knew what was happening it was time to drive back over to Spokane and catch our flight home. I love trips back to Missoula, but they are never quite long enough. There’s a long list of favorite restaurants to revisit, shops and boutiques to drool over, and far too many old friends to connect with. I wish it were practical to go home for a week or two every couple months….I think I’ll work on that.

And I just have to post this pretty little latte we had one morning – I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of coffee each time I have to set my alarm just a little bit earlier. It seems working in a bakery does have drawbacks….

I’m thinking I should study latte art. How fun!

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