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Sweet Succulents

Just like everybody else these days, I can’t deny my love for succulents, especially in small containers. So when a friend and I teamed up to sell stuff at a local market next week, I couldn’t resist this idea as part of our inventory. We picked up a few tins from the dollar section of Target, and a few different sized and patterned teacups from second-hand stores, then went on the hunt for small potted plants.

Our arrangement of cups and cacti. We put a few red lava rocks on the bottom of each cup for better drainage, then some cactus potting soil and started re-potting.

I’m not sure I can actually part with these, I’m so fond of them!

They’re currently sitting in an old wine crate, which just adds to their charm. Wouldn’t they look great bunched together on a sunny windowsill?

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