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Sewing Adventures

I think I might be getting a little addicted to the sewing machine. We had a huge fight yesterday (how can one bobbin winding misstep cause me so much agony?) but we’re back on track today!


Some more Montana pillows and a little motivation as well. We’ll see how much it inspires me in the mornings. Two-toned back and front pillows add excitement too! You can hardly see it from the front, such a fun surprise when reversed.

Pillows White

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Home Sweet Home

After my confession last week about my sewing abilities I decided to bite the bullet and start doing more crafts that involve, you guessed it, the sewing machine. Up to this point, I’ve been hand-sewing the infamous dinosaurs, but when Krista shared her adventures tackling this post on the Letter 4 blog, I had to give it a go. It took a few tries, but I ended up with a lovely lavender and rice filled “polar bear” that I affectionately refer to as Lavender Butt. (I hesitate to label him as a true polar bear because there’s a bit of special sloth in there as well. Hey, it’s a learning process.)

Lavender Butt

Today I wanted to try another simple sewing machine project and I was inspired by this pillow.

However, feeling a little uninspired I couldn’t think of any phrase I wanted to emblazon upon a pillow for all to see. So instead, I settled with a local favorite, a cutout of our home state, Montana.

I started by simply cutting out my rectangles from an older home-made pillow cover. However, if this isn’t available, just measure your pillow and add one inch to each side to account for the seam. (A 12 x 12 inch pillow would require a front square of 13 x 13.) For the back square, add 4 inches to one side to create the envelope. (A 13 x 17 rectangle.) Fold and pin one one end of each piece for the hem.

Here’s my cutout- a simple shape, but I’m definitely going to try letters next time! Time to get sewing.

The decal, sewn pretty far from the edge, to give it a little texture.

Pin the front and back together, inside with the flap folded inside, and sew around the 3 sides. Reverse and fit around your pillow!

You’ll notice my decal ended up on the same side as my flap. This was not intentional, but I do end up liking the look of it. As Katie said, “It’s wearing a little hat!” Or something of the sort. She also suggested how fun it would be to use different colors fro the front and back, so the flap folds over with a different color. Something to try next time!

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