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Meet Phil

I’ve never been great at sewing. The extent of my training was a home economics class in middle school whose end project culminated in a handmade pair of boxer shorts.¬†And yet, here I find myself, trying my hand at making my very own stuffed dinosaurs. Meet Phil (I also have a series of cartoons featuring a dinosaur named Phil, but we’ll leave that for another day).

Materials include fabric (I used a sort of flannel/felt mix), stuffing, thread, and pins and a needle.

Cutting out the body.

Sewing him together.

Adding teeth and eyes.

Sewing on the stomach, and turned inside out.

The body all stuffed and sewed up!

Arms and legs being made.

Time for things to get real.

Meet Phil!

The growing army.

Is it sad for a grown woman to make stuffed dinosaurs for no purpose other than that she loves the t-rex? I hope not, otherwise we’re all in trouble…

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