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Ombre Cake

We celebrated my roommate’s birthday this past weekend and I got to try out a recipe I’ve been lusting after lately – an ombre cake! Basically, just a layered cake with each in a different shade of your chosen color.

Started by separating my cake batter into 6 bowls.

Colored each bowl with increments of food coloring – started with one drop and the last one got about 8.

Once baked, the edges were browned and rounded, so I cut the tops off not only to level them out but to ensure I stacked the colors in the right order!

Stacking and icing between each layer – I’m embarrassed to say how much frosting was actually used in the making of this cake (3 and a half tubs of store bought!)- but I don’t even think it was enough!

Icing the outside (you can see a peak of the kitchen wallpaper here – as stated in my previous post, every room has some new exciting pattern – be on the lookout for an updated wallpaper post later this week!)

Cut open! It was hard to get a clean photo, the frosting always seemed to smudge on the inside but it was so fun to make and look at that I really didn’t mind. Thinking about making one for St. Patrick’s day – that is, if we can ever get this one eaten!

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