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Pallets on board!

There is a reason I’ve been MIA for the past week – a pretty big one. I’ve been working on building myself a new coffee table from old pallets! Re-using and re-purposing old pallets has been such a craze lately – I have a huge folder on my computer filled with projects I’d like to tackle. And with the weather being so nice last week, I decided to give it a go and try to fix an area that’s been bothering me in the living room lately – our mismatched coffee tables. These were both just sort of throwaway items that got donated to our house (as is the case with much of our furniture).

Pretty bad, right? Different colors, different styles and different heights, I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

A quick search on Craigslist resulted in a batch of really nice, big and free pallets.

First step was tearing off all the boards – this took quite a bit of time and arm power. My grip strength was pretty much nonexistent after two days of this.

After pulling them off, they went right back on! Hammered out the screws and lined all the boards up as close as possible to create a flat-top for the table.

All put back together, nice and flush. There did end up being about an inch overhang that we took a saw to for a quick fix to even everything out.

Flipped it over and pulled off the boards on the opposite side – did the same with a second pallet, but left the other side with evenly spaced boards for the bottom of the table.

I added 4 extra boards to the bottom outside in order to give it some more height, I didn’t want it too low.

A few passes with the sander to smooth out the biggest problems – pallet boards are notoriously gross and rotten but I got pretty nice boards to start off with.

Then it was time for staining! One coat of Jacobean stain, with a few coats of satin polyurethane finish and then the hardest part – waiting for things to dry.

Once dry, I attached the two pallets with brackets on the inside.

Flipped it over to attach rolling casters. I knew this table was going to be pretty heavy when all was said and done, and these make it so easy for me to move on my own.

And after!! So much nicer, a big uniform coffee table that actually has some personality!

I love the space for magazines or storage between top and bottom, and the different wood grains from each board.

My advice? If you’re thinking about a project like this, go for it! Pallets are easy to come by, and since they’re free you won’t have any guilt over messing anything up. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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