Red chevron stripes

With the painting of the hallway from last week, I had mentioned I needed more art and decorations so I decided to make something of my own for the time being. I’m really into chevron stripes at the moment and had a few extra canvases laying around to experiment with.

First step, creating a grid of 2 inch squares.

Using painters tape to create the stripes – make sure to push down your tape!

My first layer of paint – I actually went over the whole thing with white, so that anything that leaked underneath the tape would be that color.

Second layer – I used the red that I eventually want to use for the accent wall in the living room.

Peeling off the tape! There were a few sections I had to touch up as well as taking an eraser to the pencil lines.

I love the modern simplicity of chevron stripes.

Hung above the stairs, next to the door to the kitchen. It looks a little small for the space, so I’m considering making another one – quick Photoshop of what it might look like… what do you guys think?


Also, look who got a bath today?? This is my dachshund, Sidney, who absolutely loathes baths. Look at that face!


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