Pillow Talk

I did a craft! A pretty big one, too. We bought a cute little pair of couches  just after we moved into our house this summer and they came with about a million pillows. Honestly, we have pillows everywhere. But the fabrics are a bit drab. Just ugly. So not my style, here take a peek:

Anyways, I finally got around to making some covers for them and oh, they turned out so cute!! I just love them.

Here’s what I did…

I spent quite a while playing with my stash of fabrics (I always shop the remnant bin at JoAnns – you can’t beat 50% off!!) and deciding which ones I wanted to put together, then took my measuring tape to those pesky pillows. The majority of them are square, and then there’s one smaller rectangular pillow. Odd tid-bit about this girl – I love to write things down. I make to-do lists almost every day. What I need to clean, who I need to call, what I’m making for dinner, shopping lists, errands to run; all of it gets written down. So, naturally I wrote down all my ideas and pillow measurements.

I decided to do detailed fronts and keep the backs fairly simple with two pieces that overlap closed but have easy access to remove the covers for washing and interchanging. Then came the cutting and sewing and stuffing my covers over the pillows and exclaiming in glee! The first pillow was a simple three pieces. I sewed a little hem on the two edges of the overlapping flaps before pinning and sewing them together. Here’s how my test pillow turned out, what a cute fabric!

And the back, the old pillow is trying to peek through a bit so I adjusted to make the flaps overlap a bit more for the next go-round.

Overall, a success! Then things got a bit crazy. The little oblong pillow got a fat accent stripe and a little piece of lace leftover from an apron project I did a few years ago. So pretty – I used the salvage edge of the orange fabric for a little more character. I love the fringe and the whole look of this little guy.

Then I got the idea to do some ruffles! This off-white linen fabric is so gorgeous, but thin enough that it needed some iron-on interfacing to prevent the pillow pattern from showing through. An annoying but necessary step, and it made this pillow so fancy and thick feeling. And this double ruffle is such a favorite!

Fabric ruffles are super cute and pretty easy to make once you figure it out. Here’s a fast little tutorial of how I made mine…

Cut your fabric strip to double the width you want your ruffle to be. Then cut some elastic (I used 3/8″) about half the length of your fabric piece. This will determine how ruffly your ruffle will end up being; longer elastic will be a smoother ruffle, shorter elastic will be a fluffier ruffle. With your fabric right side down, fold and pin the edges in to the middle. I somehow missed this folding step with my camera but you’ll see the idea in some later photos. You want the seam to be in the middle because then it will end up hidden under the elastic when your ruffle is finished.

Now fold both the elastic and your fabric strip in half lengthwise and mark the middle then line those marks up and pin.

Next pin the ends of your fabric and elastic together – yes the fabric will be bunchy…that is kindof the point of these ruffles, you know.

Then hold where it’s pinned and stretch then pin in the middle. Continue this until there are pins every inch or so.

Then you sew it! Elastic side up and stretch it a little as you go. Then take out your pins and attach to your pillow or shirt or what have you and just admire that ruffle!

It took me a while to come up with another idea and I finally decided to do some quilted stripes with a bunch of the fabrics to tie the pillows together. Here it is in progress.

My new collection!

They’re so colorful and cheery! Perfect for spring and summertime coming up. I keep rearranging them and taking more and more photos! I just can’t get enough!

There are 6 more of these couch pillows in the basement and guest rooms that might get some love soon. I might do a whole different color scheme though, we’ll see.

Is there a craft or project you’ve been wanting to work on but just can’t get started? My advice is to go for it! Just commit yourself and figure it out. Yeah, it’s a little scary at first but oh man, what an awesome feeling to have finished this!!!

Happy crafting! <3

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