Hallway Part 2

I told you I’d be back with another hallway wallpaper update! I tackled the front entryway this week and it turned out to be a hassle for a few different reasons.

A before picture of the front doorway with wallpaper.

Upper level of the staircase that required some innovative engineering in order to get to.

The connecting wall from the stairs. Everything in this picture terrifies me honestly – the fake plant, the mismatched random purple lamp (turns out it wasn’t even plugged in, what the heck was it doing there!?), the sad decorations… But everything was about to change.

Time to start removing wallpaper – and here’s where the first problem started. I discovered that underneath the visible wallpaper was a complete second layer of a different pattern. And look at how crazy it is! Yellow and black florals/stripes/everything you can imagine. So these walls ended up taking longer than anticipated, just because I had twice as much to tackle.

And it was everywhere!

Once all the paper was removed I did one coat of primer. If you’re wondering how I tackled the staircase, here’s the answer:

A precarious yet effective solution my dad created – a 12 foot ladder against the wall, a board placed on the third rung and spanning up to the level stair and then an 8 foot ladder standing on that. I’m actually terrified of heights and get vertigo on regular stairs – so this was a really exciting combination! Especially when you add in a paint roller.

Completed! I carried on the yellow from the other hallway – and I’m actually wishing I choose a more exciting color. That’s always my downfall when it comes to painting. I chose colors too quickly and never go with a bold enough choice. I get nervous about overwhelming the space but I think it would have been much more exciting with something that popped more.

Updated full hallway.

And the most dramatic change on the wall.  The whole space needs more decorating and thought but I just couldn’t wait to share the progress!

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